UNESCO SEAL of Excellence

Our handbag collection and the UNESCO Seal of Excellence

What is the UNESCO Seal of Excellence Award ?

We have been awarded by the UNESCO with the Seal of Excellence Award for our handbag and accessory range.

The Award serves as a quality-control mechanism and as a marketing device that guarantees the quality of handmade, traditional and innovative craft products from the region.
The Award is therefore not an award given for the most outstanding piece, but a ‘stamp of approval’ which certifies that a handicraft product or product line meets the highest standards of quality and has been produced with careful regard to cultural authenticity and environmental conservation.

The goals of the UNESCO Bangkok awarding our handbag and fashion accessory Portfolio:

Since 1961, UNESCO Bangkok, the Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education and Cluster Office for the six “Mekong” countries, Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, and Singapore, and indirectly through UNESCO country Offices in Hanoi and Phnom Penh, promotes peace and human development through education, sciences, culture, communication and information.

The Asia-Pacific region counts for almost two thirds of the world’s population and gathers countries of great diversity in economic, religious, political and cultural terms. This diversity, along with globalization and the dynamism and rapid evolution of the region bear great challenges for Governments and societies. Closely with Governments, National Commissions and other governmental and non-governmental partners, UNESCO Bangkok works on making development sustainable and profitable for everyone in a culture of peace and human rights.

In the spirit of One UN and as part of the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Thailand, UNESCO Bangkok works in synergy with the United Nations Sister Agencies for achieving the United Nations Millennium Goals in the Asia-Pacific.

Imagine That

Just a great example of the wonderful initiatives the UNESCO Bangkok is launching. It is not only a handbag, a fashion piece, a cool accessory you are buying. It is a whole mindset. It is about a positive change. To make a change for the better.


For more Information on the UNESCO Bangkok please click here

We know, that great people like Angela Jolie or Pink would love our handbags and accessory collection because they are leaders in changing the world and care for others. Please take a minute to watch what they are doing.

Global Citizen

This whole thing is more and more becoming a big movement and as we love our positive handbag collection we love the the global citizen initiative with the background of the suberb Bill and Linda Gates Foundation

Beadbags Crispy: Far more than a Handbag

Beadbags Crispy helps landmine victims and disabled workers being at the same time cool, innovative and stylish. For all the changemarkers and fashionistas: Show that you care! It is more than a handbag and a fashion accessory

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