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Beadbags and Juicycliques : Meaningful, unique brands

What we stand for is quite easy and straightforward: Beauty, Innovation and Heart in the fashion accessories segment. We believe in mindful business and sustainability. Our customers are special and stylish, taking care of a fantastic story behind their accessories. That is the reason why we developed a one of a kind portfolio. Our goal is to put a smile on our customers face each and single day. We love the European culture and that’s why we incorporate original parts e.g. for our jewelry into our products as much as we can. We believe, that you don’t need a reason to help people. Our manufacturing project in Cambodia supports landmine victims and handicapped workers and has been awarded by the UNESCO. Fall in love with our trendsetting handbags, jewelry, purses, mobile covers and feel good about it.

Passion drives us

Passion for unique fashion accessories based on a mindful business approach: Elegant, adventurous and always funky fresh; for all the proud FASHIONISTAS with a positive impact


Our accessories will make you always a little bit more attractive and let you feel good. Because you know, that there is a good story behind all our products: awarded by the UNESCO, controlled by the World Fair Trade Organisation, 100% made in Germany for our jewelry, tanneries with the best sustainable equipments e.g. waste water treatment: We are truly and proudly sustainable from production to sales


What goes around comes around? Yes!! We have been awarded by the renowned international leather fair in Offenbach, Germany as Top3 Newcomer Brand for 2015 with Beadbags Crispy. This fuels our passion for following the megatrend of sustainability and mindful business. Our customers are here for a positive change. Thank you so much!

Tradition and Home Base

We take pride in the european culture and bring that footprint to the world, e.g. alpine style jewelry: a new, innovative interpretation of middle european culture in the jewelry category. Besides this we have top notch production in Turkey, South Africa, Cambodia and Germany. Based in the european culture with open international arms.

Beadbags and Juicycliques World: Mood Cut; take a look around: Our world

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See what worldwide leaders say about climate change and a new way of thinking

Fashion Accessories for a new breed of responsible FASHIONISTAS


The German federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development launched a significant initiative in the textile area to support sustainable Textiles and Fashion.
BeadBags and Juicycliques have become official member of this partnership and trying to help to make the production and distribution of textiles and fashion far more sustainable and fair.
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Top 3 Newcomer Brand 2015 Awarded with the UNESCO SEAL OF EXCELLENCE



Beadbags Classic

Stunning leather handbags, handmade, with exchangeable flaps.
The usage of Springbock hide in exciting colours makes these bags a Must Have for Fashion victims.

Beadbags Crispy

Megatrend Sustainability

More than 50% of customers are looking for sustainable options in the fashion area.

We are not offering only sustainable fashion items but a portfolio with a heartful story to tell.


You will love our jewelry.
100% handmade in Germany. Innovative.
Bracelets, necklaces and pendants with a unique combination of leather and high quality metal elements.
Funky and unique.

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Beadbags Crispy: Tropical cement sac, fishnet all awarded by the UNESCO

Heart, Innovation and Beauty
Handbag BeadBags Crispy

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Preferred supplier buying groups in Western Europe
Heart and Innovation

We combine Heart and Innovation

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We tell stories, which matter

We are here to make peoples life better. Our approach is truly sustainable and relevant. We give a helping hand to landmine victims in Cambodia by supporting a manufacturing project which has been awarded by the UNESCO under the auspices of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

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We are unique bridging the gap between the past and future

Reused tropical cement sac material, reused fishnet, finest leather in combination with toy figures. We are more than passionate to stand out from the crowd. Our brand signature is romantic and innovative. We live passion for what we do and bring that passion to our customers.

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